APS Logo Kids
Einstein photograph courtesy of AIP Emilio Segre Visual Archives.
Artwork photography courtesy of anything photographic.
Poster design by Crabtree + Company.

In addition to A New World View, the American Physical Society designed a poster that incorporates parts of the artwork and uses hundreds of pictures of children to recreate the image of the most famous scientist in modern history—Albert Einstein. In fact, you may have found this website because of one of the thousands of these posters hanging in classrooms, universities, and libraries all over the country. The design invites you to follow physics through the themes of imagination, exploration, creation, and discovery, into the mesmerizing mosaic of Einstein’s image, where you ultimately “Accelerate Your Mind.” Selected tiles from A New World View partially surround the mosaic to connect the poster back to the original artwork.

The poster was also sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers and by the Society of Physics Students.

Download a pdf of the poster

Download a pdf explanation of the images from the poster.



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